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" Linda Lanier Proudly Stands Behind The Thin Blue Line"


On November 11, Linda Debuted in Hamilton, Montana her song "Hero Behind the Badge", . The crowd gave a standing ovation. We had officers from the Hamilton, Montana Police Department as well as the Hwy Patrol from Helena, Montana standing with pride during this debut.  This song is about law enforcement and the risks they take when they go on duty. There is a war on cops and Linda Lanier's son Cody Lanier, an Aurora Colorado police officer pictured above on the left, was one of the 1st responders at the Century 16 movie theater shooting.  He sees and experiences more than anyone can imagine unless you are one of them.  We need this song out there to bring an awareness to the people.   Will you take a stand with us?  By helping us get the word out about this song you are showing your support for law enforcement everywhere during this war.